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OBOE helps the candidates in getting Skill Graduate Visa for Australia and work visa for Far Eastern Countries and Permanent Residency (PR) in countries like Canada and Australia.



Providing solutions for professionals and students for overseas employment and education through the best or Career Guidance, Training & Counseling, Transparent Processing, ensuring the right placement in the country of choice and assisting in fast settlement of individual and families alike.

Right guidance at the right time is vital for success. OBOE Finishing School is first of its kind in India providing opportunities and career overseas. We aim at work skills and behavioral norms in a candidate. Our pedagogy involves VAK Learning System with Class room session, home assignments, group activities and virtual interaction with experts through tele, text, mail and video calls on scheduled basis.

Not just guidance that we provide, after profile mapping along with basic English test and a personal interview, a speedy training and personal counseling sessions are offered. So, the candidates get a hassle-free pick.



To be the most preferred and sought-after entity for students and young professionals aspiring for overseas education, employment and immigration”