Self-Analysis where the candidates analyze oneself through a series of tests and ultimately allows a sense of self growth. The self-assessment not only helps the candidate to identify their area interest and best suited to them but also allows to individualize the training and filters the unnecessary options.

Group Discussion / Brainstorming

Group Discussion / Brainstorming sessions are conducted by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members. All this reduces social inhibitions among group members, stimulates idea generation, increases overall creativity of the group and hence shapes team players.

Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric Analysis helps in measuring the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to gain an accurate bearing of the candidate’s cognitive abilities and personality/behavioural style which resulting a perfect company candidate fit.

Individual Mentoring

Individual Mentoring is something which we strongly believe in practicing. We understand every candidate has an individual personality and skill set. Getting a first-hand knowledge from experts and experienced mentors is exceptional that helps the candidate to find the right direction and approach.

Behavioural Training

Behavioural Training (CB Training) also includes the soft skill training of the candidate. This training is specifically conducted to train the candidates to deal with the stress and anxiety, away from home. Behavioural training aims to change not only person’s self-talk boosting self-confidence but his/her  self-image at a subconscious level that automatically helps in performing  and shining, hence achieving the goals.

Writing Skills

Writing Skills are usually overlooked by the candidates with respect to academics and other skills. But educational institutes and workplaces abroad pays special attention to this individual skill. OBOE helps you to enhance this skill and in writing powerful essays.

Motivational Enhancement

Motivational Enhancement sessions are provided now and then to develop a positive approach, motivate and encourage the candidates to keep going and achieving their dreams.

Language Training (PTE or IELTS)

Language Training (PTE or IELTS) is one of the most important aspects of travelling overseas. We, at OBOE Finishing School provide this training to our candidates so that they can easily adjust with the natives and communicate with the locals where they are applying for job or studies.

Interview Skills (Negotiation & Persuasion)

All the personality development trainings, skills, analysis brings down to Interview / Negotiation & Persuasion is the ultimate which is the deciding factor for a selection. Through a sequence of mock interviews, OBOE prepares you and teaches you the tricks & tack-ticks to conquer this last monster so that you can reach one more step close to your goal.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills are important because they help to keep a presentation interesting, high calibre and help the candidate to communicate with confidence, and motivate the audience to listen. Good presentation skills require organisation and confidence. OBOE makes sure you have it in abundance.